About Us

Programme Against Malnutrition

Zambian umbrella (NGO) formally registered on 11th November 1993. Non-profit, non-partisan, autonomous NGO that provides links between rural NGOs, the Government and the Donor Community.PAM is a local umbrella Non-Governmental Organization working with more than 100 NGOs. As an umbrella organization, PAM is working closely with the Zambian Government, Donors and local International Organizations. PAM has developed to be one of the leading accountable and efficient NGO on the Zambian Food Security Network.PAM has maintained its highly commended performance by organizing training courses for CBO/NGOs; working closely with them in all programme implementations by enabling them to be efficient and effective in accounting procedures during the execution of projects, at the district level. NGOs have been trained in project management to build their capacity in rural development and this has turned out to be one of the best achievements that have brought overwhelming results in all PAMs programmes. The Evolution of PAM – From Food Relief to An Expanded Mandate Incorporating Agricultural and Nutrition Development Initially formed to provide services for disaster response, disaster mitigation and capacity building of partner NGOs in service delivery. Over the last ten years re-aligned its activities from disaster response and mitigation to focus more on drought rehabilitation and development-oriented non-food relief, community-based development activities aimed at improving household food security, income and nutrition.

Mission Statement
To facilitate and provide services for the attainment of prosperous livelihoods for all the vulnerable people in Zambia through improved food security, nutrition and incomes.Organizational.

PAM is governed by a seven-person Board of Directors drawn from a cross-section of stakeholders and institutions. The membership of the Board comprises two NGO representatives, two NGO representatives and three Government representatives. The Board is responsible for the overall development of policy guidelines that steer the organization towards achieving its Mission and ensuring the translation of the Mission Statement. The Board is the custodian of the Vision of PAM. The PAM Board supervises the PAM Management Team to ensure that the values of PAM are adhered in order to achieve the Mission.

Our Partners
PAM has received support from the Government (MCDSS, MACO, MOFNP) and the donor community (NORAD, SIDA, WFP, FAO) for the some of the programmes that are currently running i.e. Food Security Pack and SHAPES.In the private sector PAM collaborates with truckers Association, Financial Institutions such as the National Savings and Credit Bank. PAM is a member of the ASIP Consultative Forum, the NGO Agro Forum, the Bankers Trust and COASAD (Coalition of African NGOs).