The following are PAM’S objectives 

  1. To provide coordinated support services for efficient management of developmental activities and emergencies through the:
    • Effective management of human resources
    • Effective management of fiscal resources
    • Streamline governance and advocacy

  1. To increase diversified agricultural productivity in targeted areas through
    • Promotion of crop diversification
    • Promotion of the use of improved crop management practices

  1. To improve food processing, storage and utilization among vulnerable households in the rural areas of Zambia through the:
    • Promotion of dietary diversification and healthy eating habits
    • Promotion of nutrition education at various levels
    • Improvement and promotion of locally available food stuffs
    • Community Based Growth Monitoring and Promotion (CBGMP)
    • Enhance food and nutrition capacity in HIV/AIDS awareness support

  1. To mobilize beneficiaries into special interest groups
    • Promotion of diversified income sources by the Community
    • Promotion of entrepreneurship
    • Development of micro credit schemes

  1. To enhance diversification of income generating activities
    • Identification of alternative non donor/GRZ income generating ventures

  1. To increase institutional resource mobilization including
    • Inventory Development of Assets
    • Maximizing asset utilization

  1. To improve access to food and non-food items during emergencies and post-disaster situations
    • Improvement of disaster preparedness and baseline information
    • Strengthen institutional networking
    • Relief food and non-food distribution
    • Participation in local and international for a
    • Strengthen institutional networking